Banana Spice Coffee Cake


Today’s bit of wonderfulness  is brought to you by my kitchen!

Whenever I find myself with very ripe bananas I usually make a banana nut bread. A couple of weeks ago I came across a recipe for this Banana Spice Coffee Cake and have been waiting for a chance to make it. Today was the day.

Not only is this a very easy recipe to make but according to my hubby, “This is great!” High praise indeed!

The recipe calls for the cake to be baked in a tube pan because the spicy brown sugar and butter topping is sprinkled in between as well as on top. (see photo, right)

I happen to have a tube pan but if I did not, I would have poured the batter into a 9 x 13″ pan and sprinkled the entire brown sugar mixture on top. And I’m sure it would be just as good!

Oh, the recipe also calls for the bananas to be pureed in a blender or food processor, but I just mashed them in a shallow bowl with a fork as I usually do.

You can find the recipe here. Enjoy!

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About Anna Popescu

I live in northern Arizona with my husband, Rick. I am blessed to say that Rick and I are at the bottom corners of a triangle where Jesus sits at the top corner. My children, Kathy & Alan, live in the Phoenix area and make this mom's heart thankful they have grown to be such wonderful and caring adults. Alan married in 2010, so I am also blessed with Denise as a special daughter-in-love. The Lord took my Mom home in 2007, and I miss her. My Dad and two sisters live in Florida while my two other sisters live in the Northeast. God has also blessed me and Rick with a local family of very close-knit friends. I love to write when I am able, but on the days when I am struggling with health issues and can't manage much of anything, I can at least crochet. These days I mainly crochet lapghans of various colors and sizes for area rehab centers and nursing homes.

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