Habitat ReStores

Most of you have heard of Habitat for Humanity I’m sure. But did you know that you may be able to find a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near where you live?

Habitat ReStores sell new and used appliances, cabinetry, plumbing supplies, doors, windows, furniture and other miscellaneous items at 50 to 70% below retail. Over the last few years, our home has become the happy recipient of a ReStore dishwasher and ceiling fan plus my recliner. So instead of paying hundreds of dollars for these items, we saved hundreds. Here’s what we paid:

  • Dishwasher, $30
  • Ceiling fan, $15
  • Recliner, $25

Of course, for large items such as these, you need a truck or large SUV to lug them home. We happen to have a pickup ( have I ever mentioned that I’m a truck girl?) but I’m sure many of you could borrow a truck from a friend or neighbor. Or how about luring them into driving you to the ReStore by offering to take them to breakfast or lunch first?

It might take some time to find exactly what you’re looking for but it will be well worth it. As an example, that recliner for which we only paid $25? It was extremely “gently used” and, in fact, looked brand new to me. I found out that it spent its previous life in a professional office and got very little use.

Oh, one more thing. ReStores hold sales every so often—usually on a Saturday—where everything is 50% off, so you’ll save even more than the normal 50 to 70%. But plan to get there early so you can find a parking space!


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About Anna Popescu

I live in northern Arizona with my husband, Rick. I am blessed to say that Rick and I are at the bottom corners of a triangle where Jesus sits at the top corner. My children, Kathy & Alan, live in the Phoenix area and make this mom's heart thankful they have grown to be such wonderful and caring adults. Alan married in 2010, so I am also blessed with Denise as a special daughter-in-love. The Lord took my Mom home in 2007, and I miss her. My Dad and two sisters live in Florida while my two other sisters live in the Northeast. God has also blessed me and Rick with a local family of very close-knit friends. I love to write when I am able, but on the days when I am struggling with health issues and can't manage much of anything, I can at least crochet. These days I mainly crochet lapghans of various colors and sizes for area rehab centers and nursing homes.

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  1. So cool, Anna! I hadn’t heard about the ReStores. Thanks so much!

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