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Time to share another little tidbit about myself!

There are not many TV shows I like a lot but NCIS tops my short list. My sweet hubby doesn’t appreciate it as much as I do but he often joins me in watching it, bless his heart.

I guess what I enjoy the most about this show is the way the cast works so well together to make us believe they are actually the characters whose parts they are playing. In case you haven’t ever seen the show, NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The series started as Navy NCIS but the name was shortened to NCIS in the third season, which makes perfect sense because having “Navy” in the title actually made it redundant: Navy Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Huh? Great move on the name change, CBS!


The outstanding cast:

  • Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Special Agent in Charge, and head of the team)

  • Michael Weatherly as Anthony DiNozzo (Senior Special Agent)

  • Sean Murray as Timothy McGee (Special Agent)

  • Cote de Pablo as Ziva David (Special Agent)

  • David McCallum as Donald “Ducky” Mallard (Chief Medical Examiner)

  • Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer (Medical Examiner’s Assistant)

  • Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto (Forensic Specialist)

  • Rocky Carroll as Leon Vance (Agency Director)

I appreciate all the cast members but my favorites are Mark Harmon as forever Marine Leroy Gethro Gibbs (you really don’t want to be on the other end of a Gibbs head slap!) and Pauley Perrette as the tough/sweet forensic specialist who loves her team to pieces and does everything she can to decipher the sometimes impossible evidence.

NCIS  just finished its tenth season, and the season finale’s “Damned If You Do” episode is probably my favorite one. Click on the link below to watch the entire episode.

I can’t wait to see what season 11 holds!

So, how about you? Do any of you watch NCIS? If so, which are your favorite characters?


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About Anna Popescu

I live in northern Arizona with my husband, Rick. I am blessed to say that Rick and I are at the bottom corners of a triangle where Jesus sits at the top corner. My children, Kathy & Alan, live in the Phoenix area and make this mom's heart thankful they have grown to be such wonderful and caring adults. Alan married in 2010, so I am also blessed with Denise as a special daughter-in-love. The Lord took my Mom home in 2007, and I miss her. My Dad and two sisters live in Florida while my two other sisters live in the Northeast. God has also blessed me and Rick with a local family of very close-knit friends. I love to write when I am able, but on the days when I am struggling with health issues and can't manage much of anything, I can at least crochet. These days I mainly crochet lapghans of various colors and sizes for area rehab centers and nursing homes.

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  1. hey anna, yes NCIS IS SYLVIA’S and my favorite show also. while I love all of the cast Mc gee is possibly my fav. but I also like the doctor, probley because I remember him from a very old show THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.

  2. John Christopher

    hey anna, yes NCIS IS SYLVIA’S and my favorite show also. while I love all of the cast Mc gee is possibly my fav. but I also like the doctor, probley because I remember him from a very old show THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.

    • Thanks for both your replies, Johnny! I absolutely remember Illya Kuryakin from “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”! In fact, Rick and I watched a few episodes via Netflix recently.

      How are you, Sylvia, and family doing? I miss reading your devotionals, Johnny, and pray daily for all of you.

  3. They are all great characters, to be sure. Mark Harmon was the son of a football legend who starred at the University of Michigan and late in life became a sports broadcaster in Southern California. Mark Harmon went to UCLA and played quarterback. In his senior year, he lost his starting job to Mark Sciarra, a sophomore, as I recall. He did not pout or change schools, he did not play it out in the press. He handles it with class and showed the character of someone even more mature. He married into the (Ozzie) Nelson family and was an anchor for Ricky Nelsons twins when Ricky Nelson died in a plane crash. He has always stepped up with class and has shown character, even when things were not going his way. For that reason, Mark Harmon has to be my favorite, and always will be. He knows that what really matters is what you do in private, when all the cameras power down.

  4. I LOVE NCIS! It’s one of the shows we always watched as a family when the kids were home. And Mark Harmon’s character Jethro Gibbs? One of the best on tv :) Of course I love Ziva and all the Israeli connections.

    Anna, do you like NCIS LA? Another fave. Great characters, and my husband loves Hettie :)

    • ME TOO, Susan! As if you couldn’t tell that from what I wrote, lol! I tried watching NCIS LA a few times and Hettie was my fave but just couldn’t get into it enough to continue watching it. :-(

  5. Since I don’t watch TV, I’d never heard of this show. I should check it out and see if past seasons are on Netflix (my “TV”).

    Hope you are doing well. It is hot here, but not unbearable yet. I only use my AC when I go to bed and turn it to 89-90 so I can sleep. XO. XO to you both. D

    • Like I wrote you personally, Donna, check Netflix for NCIS episodes. Start at the beginning because you’ll love the way the cast melds as the series progresses, even through a few changes in the cast.

      XOXOXOXOXO backatcha!

  6. I used to watch NCIS but I hardly watch any TV now. I don’t like to be chained to a serial and when NCIS started to turn from a series (complete in each epidode) to a serial (continuing story) I gave up.

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