Take a Break!

I will—no, I need—to take a break from blogging for a week or two. Life has been happening for me a lot here lately and that will continue this week as I am blessed with visits from both of my children. I am so looking forward to spending some time with these two wonderful people! I often wonder how they turned out so great, because I made so many mistakes while they were growing up.

Anyway, there comes the time when I need to just cut back on my activities for awhile, so after they leave I’ll need some quiet time to just be. Please keep me in prayer as I rest as much as possible and try to cope with the daily monsoon activity which is heaping loads of migraine nausea on me.

Matthew 11.28

Stay tuned, Beloved … I’ll be back before you know it!


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About Anna Popescu

I live in northern Arizona with my husband, Rick. I am blessed to say that Rick and I are at the bottom corners of a triangle where Jesus sits at the top corner. My children, Kathy & Alan, live in the Phoenix area and make this mom's heart thankful they have grown to be such wonderful and caring adults. Alan married in 2010, so I am also blessed with Denise as a special daughter-in-love. The Lord took my Mom home in 2007, and I miss her. My Dad and two sisters live in Florida while my two other sisters live in the Northeast. God has also blessed me and Rick with a local family of very close-knit friends. I love to write when I am able, but on the days when I am struggling with health issues and can't manage much of anything, I can at least crochet. These days I mainly crochet lapghans of various colors and sizes for area rehab centers and nursing homes.

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  1. Have fun and enjoy the rest!

  2. Enjoy Kathy and Alan. It is so great they can visit. Everyone needs down time. Praying you feel well while they visit and longer!


    I say, just enjoy these very precious moment while you can. Take nothing for granted. Here today gone tomorrow. This is the life God has blessed you with and your children are the most precious gift of all. Love the work you have been done and I will be looking forward to your return to continue sharing what God has given to you. Be Blessed my friend and live in peace, love, joy and prosperity.

  4. Praying for you as you take time to rest and recharge, Anna. Enjoy these days with your family!

  5. Enjoy . . . rest . . . and return when you are able.
    Praying for you, as always.

  6. Rest, relax and enjoy life. I am following your blog now :)

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