Crochet Patterns…Free!

Here are some sites where you can find free crochet patterns. Here are my top 5 sites (in no particular order) where I regularly snag free crochet patterns:

  1. Lion Brand Yarn
  2. Red Heart Yarn
  3. Maggie’s Crochet
  4. Crochet Pattern Central
  5. All Free Crochet

So, there they are! Don’t you just love saving money?


  1. Anna, I had no idea you liked to crochet. I been doing this a good part of my life among other thing. Thank you for the “FREE” patterns. HUGS

    • I LOVE to crochet! It keeps my mind on something other than my own self and the pain. I’ll be updating this page soon with some recent lapghans I’ve completed, plus a really pretty afghan I made for our living room.

      {{{{{HUGS}}}}} backatcha!

  2. I am working on some native American Jewelery with some elderly folks, a ministry so to speak right now. The ages range from 69 to 92. They are all sweetheart.

    • God uses all our “ministries” to showcase His love, Janie! How special it is to work with the elderly, but then, at 62 I am getting very close to that label, lol!

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