God is Trustworthy


This is a great sign that pretty much sums up this last week for me. In the midst of difficult, quiet and painful moments, I am thankful for a couple of happy moments.

As I shared in yesterday’s post, I am in the middle of a CFIDS flare that is the worst I have ever experienced. My head feels twice its size and on the verge of blowing up. And the nausea! It just overwhelms me. I’m glad I don’t mind drinking plain old seltzer water because that seems to be the only drink I can tolerate, besides water.

However, on this Happy Sunday I am choosing to be happy while patiently (and yes, sometimes impatiently) waiting for this troublesome time to pass. Why? Because during every one of these moments, no matter how painful, I have still felt God close by.

I’m thinking that without Him holding me during these tough times, I’d be a complete train wreck!

You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. —Isaiah 26:3


4 thoughts on “God is Trustworthy

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