Sweet William


Aren’t these gorgeous? On this Sweet Saturday, I’d like to introduce to you Sweet Willliam if you don’t know “him” already.

Sweet William (aka “Dianthus Barbatus”) is a perennial, sweet-smelling flower that is usually planted as an annual. I remember buying these as Dianthus, where I included them in one of my flower beds way back when. They do enjoy some shade so if you live in a particularly hot and sunny climate—like I do in the southwest—plant these babies in areas where there is at least partial shade for a good portion of the day and keep them well watered.

I just thought I’d share this sweet flower with you seeing as it is Sweet Saturday!


8 thoughts on “Sweet William

    • I have 2 black thumbs, Katie, so the only real and fresh flowers in my house are those bought at the grocery store. I love looking at photos of flowers though and I have vases of silk flowers throughout my house. Flowers just lift my spirits!


    • Cloudwatcher, I didn’t know Sweet William and carnations are related! My Mom loved carnations — we had those gorgeous bright red flowers blooming all summer long in the plant boxes on our front porch.


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