To God be the Glory


6 thoughts on “To God be the Glory

  1. What a georgeous picture! We I saw the big word “Ephesians, along with the photo, it inspired me to think of what a wonderful book Ephesian is, telling us how we, in the age of the Church, have the most fabulous, free riches imaginable. When we stop to think about what Old Testament saints had to do to approach God, and what grace upon grace we have…. well, it is too marvelous and wonderful to imagine! No wonder our flesh always thinks we must do something to earn it. We must remember apart from Christ Jesus, we can do nothing. Thanks for your posting Anna, I enjoy them each day. You are a precious person to me and to many.


    • Donna, I really appreciate what you said here. How often we take our relationship with God for granted! Thank you, my forever friend, for always being an encouragement to me! I love you!


  2. Wow! Looovvvee it. Thank you again, Anna. To God, indeed, be the Glory! Did you change your site background, or did I just not notice before? How alive and cheery! Love it!


    • Thanks, Anna. I did change my background maybe a month ago. I love this retro look, and the pink accents just make it even more mine. I was afraid this background looks too busy but it’s been growing on me! šŸ™‚


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