Slow-Cooker Lasagna

I’ve been trying to use my slow cooker more often now that it’s cold out. I just bought a new one recently and it seems like all sizes and combinations of slow cookers are on sale. Maybe that’s because they make great Christmas gifts, or it’s a common sale item this cold time of year (and I never noticed till now). Whatever the reason, slow cookers are a great kitchen appliance.

While looking through my recipes the other day, I found one of my favorites: Slow-Cooker Lasagna. This recipe is from and is easy and very inexpensive to make. It also tastes great and firms up just as if you baked it in your oven.

There are too many days when only comfort food will do. Why not get this all put together in your slow cooker the night before and start it cooking just before you leave for work the next morning or run around on countless Christmas errands? The delicious aroma that greets you when you return home can’t be beat and may even soothe frazzled nerves. Add some garlic bread or rolls (not really important if you don’t have them) and a salad, and you’re all set.

You can find the recipe here.